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Recipe For Hate lyrics


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     Recipe For Hate
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        can't you feel it can't you see it
    the promise of prosperity
    it's overwhelming you and me
    it afflicts us like a disease
    ubiquitous compelling too
    we cling to you like crazy glue
    and inject such a potent seed
    it's best for all humanity
    the spread of culture
    the sword of progress
    the vector of suffrage
    a warm and septic breeze
    the pomp and elation
    the duty and vocation
    the blood of the hybrid
    it's just a recipe
    re-living our ancestry
    the frightful lack of harmony
    our fore-fothers who led the way
    their victims are still here today
    now it's time to erase the story
    of our bogus fate
    our history as it's portrayed
    it's just a recipe for hate
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